Stable Coffee Kitchen

4L Filter Coffee Cask



Cold Filter Cask, 4L


Like a wine cask, but better.

Nothing better than 'goon bag' coffee!

It is hot brew single origin coffee, then it is flash chilled. 

  • You get 4L, which is around 20 serves at 200ml per serve. 
  • The shelf life is 3 months, so you have plenty of time to drink it, just pop it in fridge after it's opened, and consume within 1 month. 
  • Serve with ice. 


** All items for sale online are for pickup between 1pm-2pm the day of the order OR delivery with a charge of $5 for the delivery, with a minimum spend of $40. Free delivery for orders over $100. Delivery times are between 2pm-5pm. Our delivery driver will “knock & drop” :) So keep an eye out! Stable takes no responsibilities for the contents once it is delivered. **

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